DIY Green Screen Stand on the Cheap

For the past few weeks I’ve been busy building up a studio of sorts to do our Crafty Wednesdays. All of this means that our YouTube channel is getting some new equipment. Most importantly, as an at home dad, getting expensive stuff for top shelf stuff isn’t in the cards. However, since I have the tools and the knowledge on building stuff, why not DIY the things I need?

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Which leads me to this article. Here are the steps and some pictures on how to make your own green screen stand.


  1. (3) 3/4″x 10 foot long PVC pipes
  2. (4) 3/4″ Tee Joints (or Tees)
  3. (2) 90 degree elbow joins
  4. (4) 3/4″ Caps for the legs
  5. Saw (or way to cut the PVC pipes
  6. Measuring device
  7. Marker
  8. PVC Glue (optional)

Cut List

  1. (2) pieces of pipe at 30″
  2. (2) pieces of pipe at 73″
  3. (2) pieces of pipe at 42″
  4. (4) pieces of pipe at 23 1/2″



Take one of your tee joints (tees), 2 of your 4 pieces of pipe at 23 1/2″ long and push them together to make a leg (picture below). Once you’ve made one of your legs, make the other. After connecting the legs to the tee add one of the caps to each of the ends (picture below) to make sure that your stand is stable and doesn’t wobble.

Top Section

Grab your two pieces of pipe that are 73″ long and put the 90 degree elbows and put one on each end. You will basically be making a huge rectangle so keep that in mind. Once the elbows are connected on the other elbow attach one of your 30″ pipes and add each one to the ends. It’ll be a bit clumsy so make sure to not hit yourself in the head like I did.

Once you are done with attaching the first 73″ piece, elbow and the two 30″ pieces (looks like a big C) take the other two tee joints and put them on the other end of the 30″ pieces and add the last 73″ piece. Then you will have finished your rectangle.

Here are some pictures of what that looks like:

Once you have made your top rectangle attach the two 42″ pieces you have left and attach one end in the top section and the other side into the legs (picture below)

Final Thoughts

All you have to do now is attach your green screen The one I have is 6 feet by 9 feet. The green screen came with some clips to keep the screen stretched out. After everything is dry fit you can add glue to the base of the legs so they don’t go anywhere. Make sure that you do the glue outside because it has a strong smell to it. If you aren’t planning on leaving this up somewhere I wouldn’t glue the rest of the pieces. If you are planning on leaving it up then glue everything carefully and one piece at a time. Don’t get the glue on you, its a nightmare to get off.

Hope you all enjoyed this easy $15 dollar green screen stand project.


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