Crafty Wednesdays: How to Make Slime with Kids

For this post I researched materials that would be safe for my kids. I researched for a while the type of slime I wanted us to make. After some time I stumbled across a website Little Bins for Little Hands that ended up being solid gold. They have made almost every time of slime imaginable and we are going to be using their recipes to create.

Little Bins for Little Hands has a downloadable file that has all of the ingredients for different slime recipes. You can get that file by going here. For our recipe I wanted to go a bit cheaper and use what we have around the house. We will be doing the Borax Slime Recipe. After figuring out what we wanted to do for Crafty Wednesday’s, we decided to run to the Dollar Tree and get our supplies.

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From Little Bins For Little Hands


Making slime is a chemistry experiment and a fun one too. However, like any cool science experiments, they should be done with adult supervision. Adults should measure and handle all chemicals used when making slime.

Also, slime activities should be properly cleaned up afterwards. Disinfect surfaces, mixing tools, and containers when you are finished with your slime experiment. Slimes need to be thrown away and not put down drains.

Wash hands thoroughly after playing with slime.

Do NOT switch out ingredients if not listed. Many slimes contain borax or a form of borax, even liquid starch which contains sodium borate. This is what is used to form the slime. You can’t just add anything!

Make sure to have lots and lots and lots of fun!

It’s Slime Time

Watch our video below as we make our slime:


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